Which region is home to the biggest Barents Brains?

Patchwork Barents presents the latest data on higher education in the Barents Region.
Wed, 11/19/2014 - 13:29 By Elizaveta Vassilieva, Barents Secretariat
Nenets Autonomous Okrug
Murmansk Oblast

Higher education is becoming an increasingly common trend in the Barents Region, BarentsObserver reports. In the last twenty-three years (1990-2013), the average rate of higher education attainment in the Barents Region has almost doubled itself.

The highest rate of tertiary education attainment can be found among the population of Västerbotten, Sweden. In 2013, 31.5 % of the population aged fifteen or higher held a higher (university level) education degree. 

The five Russian Barents counties rank relatively low, compared to the rest of the Barents Region. In Murmansk Oblast, which has the highest tertiary education rate on the Russian side, the share of population holding a higher education degree is significantly lower than in the Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish Barents counties. According to the last national census in 2010, only 20.44 % of the population in Murmansk Oblast aged fifteen or higher were holding a higher education degree.

Nenets registers an even lower rate of tertiary education among its population. According to the 2010 census, 15.83 % of the population in Nenets holds a higher education degree, which gives this sub region the lowest ranking in the Barents Region.


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