Number of nights spent by foreign and domestic visitors (2014)

Patchwork Stories

  • 08/25/2015
    Arina Ulyanova, Murmansk State Humanities University
    What skills do you need to find a job in Finnmark, and who risks staying unemployed in Murmansk Oblast? Patchwork Barents presents a list of the most demanded professions in Northern Norway and Russia. According to Norway's Employment Survey 2015, published by the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration, these are the sectors most in need of...
  • 08/20/2015
    Atle Staalesen,
    Figures assembled by Patchwork Barents show that the regions of Lapland and Northern Ostrobotinia in 2014 produced respectively 368 GWh and 340 GWh, a year-on-year growth of 22 percent and 47 percent respectively. That is the quickest growth in wind power generation in the whole northern Scandinavia and Barents Region, BarentsObserver reports. The...